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The latest innovation from the swoosh is here to help you recover

By now you've probably seen these shoes on social media, but what's the deal? Are they for running or chilling? What's with the beads in the heel?

We're here to break it all down for you on the new Nike Joyride Run Flyknit (we're just going to call them Joyride from here) - the latest innovation from the brand that brought us React, Free, and oh - the fastest shoes in the game over the last 2 years.

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First up, Joyride is the name of the cushioning system - meaning you'll see it rolled out on a bunch more shoes in the future, much the same way React launched as a running shoe and has since made its way onto a whole range of lifestyle shoes because of its ridiculous comfort.

That cushioning system is made up of thousands of tiny beads contained in a number of pods underfoot (in this shoe, 4 pods). The idea is that based on the way you move, the beads will respond and conform to your individual foot, giving you personalised cushioning (can I get an 'amen'?!).

The bulk of the beads (11,000 in a men's size 10, 8,000 in a women's size 8) are in the heel, and the smallest pod sits at the toe - the final point of contact with the ground for all runners before toeing off.

How do they get the beads in the pods? We don't know, but it looks and feels cool.

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Joyride fills an important gap in the Nike Running line up. As Nike put it, Nike Free exists to help make runners stronger and increase mobility, Nike React helps runners run longer, and Nike Zoom franchise helps runners run faster. But until now, Nike were missing that last 'need' for a runner - a shoe to help runners recover.

That's how Joyride is being positioned - as the shoe you pick up the day after a hard run, when your program says 30 minutes but your legs say rest day. The soft, plush ride is designed to make you feel like your legs have the day off, allowing you to get your miles in and still be fresh for tomorrow.

TMP 4949

The underfoot feel has been compared to stepping on a bean bag or walking on sand - the pods are definitely noticeable, especially in the heel when you first put them on.

Everything about the rest of the shoe reinforces the idea of comfort and softness. The upper is Flyknit, but there's a lot more to it than any other Flyknit running product in recent memory. There's also a neoprene bootie to slip your foot into, a super soft tongue, and a heel tab to help you pull them on.

Comfort, comfort, comfort.

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So, what's the deal - why should you buy them? If you've been looking for a shoe for the easy days, something that you're going to look forward to putting on, Joyride might be for you.

Joyride drops @ Nike stores from mid August. RRP is $250 AUD.

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