Gallery: The 2018 Boston Marathon

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One of the most spectacular Boston Marathon's in recent memory

The 2017 Boston Marathon will be remembered for its blue skies, warm weather, and a great head to head battle between Geoffrey Kurui and Galen Rupp.

Fast forward a year was the coldest start to a Boston Marathon in 30 years. The temperature was the least of the concerns for runners, with 25 m/ph headwinds and driving rain also constant features of the day.

While the overwhelming favourites pre-race were Shalane Flanagan and Molly Huddle on the women's side, and Galen Rupp on the men's, the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boylston Street had other plans.

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2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-16
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-18
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2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-12
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-15
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-20
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A race favourite on both form and sentiment, American Molly Huddle faded badly in the closing stages to finish in 16th place (2:50:28)

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WLF 7478
WLF 7476
WLF 7484
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WLF 7531
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WLF 7537
WLF 7547-2
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WLF 7545
WLF 7667
WLF 7673
WLF 7681
WLF 7691
WLF 7702
WLF 7698
WLF 7696
WLF 7597
WLF 7793
WLF 7799
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-38
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-28
WLF 7879
WLF 7985
WLF 7366
WLF 7907
WLF 7919
WLF 7954
WLF 7951
WLF 7980
WLF 7974
WLF 8003
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-23
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-19
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-22
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-26
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-36
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-7
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-31
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-37
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-30
2018 Boston Tempo[samples]-32

You can check out our gallery from the 2018 Tokyo Marathon here

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