GALLERY: The 2018 Melbourne Marathon

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Presenting our hometown marathon

Editor's Note: Here at TEMPO we pride ourselves on our marathon galleries. From our first New York City Marathon gallery almost 12 months ago, we've been there for every major marathon moment around the world.

I've personally stood on street corners in torrential rain in Boston to get shots of Des Linden and Yuki Kawauchi making history, we've hit Tokyo, London, Berlin, and Chicago. Next month we'll be back to New York to do it bigger than ever.

But this weekend was about our home town marathon. What the Melbourne Marathon sometimes lacks in big names, it makes up for with beautiful streetscapes and a collection of running landmarks that truly connect our city.

Enjoy our documentation of the Melbourne Marathon; a collection of images we think is the finest presentation of our home marathon ever published online.

Riley Wolff Managing Editor

RAW 8029
2017 winner Isaac Birir
RAW 8026
RAW 8043
MG 3774
Michael Roeger
MG 3874
MG 3801
RAW 8052
RAW 8064
Tucked safely behind Stewy McSweyn and Jack Rayner is women's favourite Sinead Diver
MG 3897
MG 3904
MG 4002
MG 4041
MG 4067
MG 4072
MG 4076
RAW 8195
RAW 8235
RAW 8269
MG 4129
MG 4180
MG 4228
RAW 8295
MG 4430
MG 4322
MG 4581
MG 4541-2
MG 4533
MG 4654
MG 4564
MG 4697

By the halfway point of the marathon, Liam Adams had opened up a slight lead on Dominic Ondoro.

In the women's race, Sinead Diver was on track for a course record, with Jack Rayner still alongside her in pacer duties.

RAW 8311-2
RAW 8376
RAW 8315
RAW 8338

By the time Adams came under the Arts Centre and onto the back of The Tan with 6km to go, he had opened up a gap of 90+ seconds to second place.

MG 4730-2
MG 4735-3
MG 4748
MG 4760-2
RAW 8424
RAW 8479
RAW 8492
RAW 8514
RAW 8527
RAW 8542
RAW 8546

By the time both Adams and Diver came down Brunton Avenue to enter the MCG, it was a victory lap. But for Diver at least, the course record was on the line, ensuring she pushed all the way to the finish.

TMP 4734
TMP 4674

Second place finishers were Dominic Ondoro (2:16:54) and West Australian runner Rochelle Rodgers (2:47:04).

WLF 0895
TMP 4798

This was Adams' first Melbourne Marathon victory, crossing the line in 2:15:13.

MG 4835
MG 4864
MG 4887
Course record holder Dominic Ondoro (2:10:47 in 2013) came in second
MG 4910

Michael Roeger, in his marathon debut at Melbourne, clocked an incredible 2:23:31, his third world record for 2018. The time was also good enough to see him finish 6th overall in the race.

MG 5000
MG 5044
MG 5056
MG 5064

The biggest hero of the day might have been Irish-born Aussie Sinead Diver.

With Stewy McSweyn and Jack Rayner pacing her (Rayner staying on to the 37km mark), a win was not the only focus for Diver.

She came into this race looking for a huge PB and a course record, and left with both, lowering the mark to 2:25:19.

MG 5071
MG 5076
MG 5083
MG 5115
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