GALLERY: The 2018 Tokyo Marathon

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Capturing the essence of the first marathon major of the year

The Tokyo Marathon is unique among the world marathon majors; the newest of the 6 and the only one in Asia. TEMPO commissioned local photographer RK to capture the action from his perspective. The result? So much more than finish line photos, RK manages to take us inside the barriers, bringing us the speed of the elites, the crowds, and the party.

RK 00825 copy
RK 00832 copy
RK 00898 copy
RK 00915

The course for the Tokyo Marathon changed in 2017 in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Wilson Kipsang christened the new course in 2017 with a 2:03:58.

RK 00946 copy
RK 00978 copy
RK 01080
RK 01086
RK 00995 copy
RK 01027 copy
RK 01203
RK 01248

Without question, the story of the 2018 Tokyo Marathon was local runner Yuta Shitara.

Shitara finished 2nd, and beat the Japanese record time of 2:06:16 by 5 seconds, pocketing a 100 million yen bonus (approx. $934,000 USD).

RK 01326
RK 01451
RK 01308

Tokyo has also become more of a destination for crew runners, thanks in part to local group Athletics Far East.

RK 01235
RK 01472
RK 01533
RK 01063
RK 01515
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