Gallery: The 2019 Canberra Track Classic

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The first event of the Summer Super Series

Canberra played host to the first of the Athletics Australia Summer Super Series; a 4 meet series offering prize money and points at each meet.

The event was held at the Australian Institute of Sport's Track and Field Centre. And while the weather was grey and rainy (the rain peaking during the highly anticipated women's 800m), the stars were out in force, as Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Nick Hough got things underway with a win in the 110m hurdles.

TMP 4177
WLF 2383

Fire kit of the day went to Hong Kong runner, Chun Hong So in the men's 100m B race. So had teammates in other events throughout the afternoon.

TMP 4264
TMP 4367
TMP 4386

In the women's 400m hurdles, both Sarah Carli and Lauren Wells ran qualifiers for the World Champs.

TMP 4393
TMP 4399
WLF 2398
TMP 4443
TMP 4449
TMP 4459
TMP 4477
TMP 4489

Young New Zealand sprinter Edward Nketia ran both the 100m and the 200m, coming away with a national U20 record in the latter.

TMP 4504
TMP 4522
TMP 4529
TMP 4539
TMP 4542

The feature race of the meet was the women's 800, with Keely Small, Carley Thomas, Georgia Griffith, and Morgan Mitchell all lining up.

TMP 4550
WLF 2422
WLF 2421
TMP 4562
TMP 4570-2
TMP 4572
TMP 4579
TMP 4588
TMP 4598
TMP 4604

In an exciting finish, New Zealand athlete Katherine Camp finished like a rocket, pipping Carley Thomas on the line. Small 3rd, Mitchell 4th.

TMP 4606
TMP 4612
TMP 4614
WLF 2440
WLF 2444
TMP 4616
TMP 4625
TMP 4632
TMP 4641
TMP 4652
TMP 4659

After narrowly missing out in the 100m, Maddie Coates got a win in the 200m.

TMP 4675
TMP 4685
TMP 4691
TMP 4687
TMP 4695
TMP 4704

Finally, enjoy these images of Edward Nketia en route to a U20 national record for New Zealand in the 200m.

TMP 4716
TMP 4719
TMP 4721
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