Gallery: The 2019 Hunter Track Classic

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Track season in Australia can dish up anything. Two of the last three Zátopek meets have had rain, while the Steigen Spectacular just a week later was held in perfect conditions on a cool summer evening.

By late January, summer is in full effect and temperatures can be uncomfortable for spectators. The Hunter Track Classic, now in its 10th year, took place about 15 kilometers west of Newcastle on the New South Wales coast.

While not officially part of Athletics Australia’s ‘Summer Super Series’, the meet has always attracted some big names, including fan favourites Michelle Jenneke, Morgan Mitchell, and Luke Mathews.

All three showed their class throughout the evening - Jenneke couldn’t take a step off the track without being mobbed, Mathews invited local kids to join his cool down jog, and Mitchell had a scrum around her that would rival a Lebron James media pack.

First up was the 100m hurdles, which Jenneke took in 13.82. It’s early in her season, and she noted that she’s recently started an internship - meaning training fits around a 40 hour work week, no easy feat for a world class athlete.

WLF 1317
WLF 1318
TMP 3019
TMP 3022
TMP 3036
WLF 1332

The next event on the cards was the men's steeple, won by Adelaide runner Max Stevens in 8:52:29, from Matt Clarke (8:58:88).

WLF 1355
WLF 1436
WLF 1448
TMP 3179
TMP 3186
TMP 3192
In his debut, Clarke took the front for the first few laps before Stevens took control
TMP 3200
TMP 3201
TMP 3202
TMP 3205
TMP 3228
TMP 3233
TMP 3275
WLF 1477
WLF 1486
WLF 1472

Up next was the women's 100m, with Michelle Jenneke again the warm favourite. She didn't disappoint, clocking a 12.23, 2 hours after her hurdles race, pipping Monique Quirk.

TMP 3324
TMP 3332
WLF 1510

Campbelltown athlete Anas Abu-Ganaba took out the men's 100m sprint and was justifiably buzzing with his performance after the race.

WLF 1538
WLF 1545
WLF 1550

The women's 1500m boasted a big field, as 13 women took to the track, including 14 year old prodigy Imogen Stewart (in the Vaporfly's!).

TMP 3336
TMP 3340
TMP 3359
WLF 1566
WLF 1573
WLF 1588
WLF 1603
TMP 3407

Finally, the men's 1500m was a competitive field. Luke Mathews was racing for the first time since injuring himself in the US in mid-2018, with James Hansen and Rorey Hunter promising fireworks as well.

TMP 3423
WLF 1656
Obssa Youssouf paced the race
WLF 1657
WLF 1664
WLF 1671
Luke Mathews with the victory salute
WLF 1679

Finally, crowd favourite Morgan Mitchell took out the 600m; an uncommon event but a good hit out for Mitchell as she transitions to a season of 800m racing.

TMP 3470
TMP 3479
WLF 1716
WLF 1723
WLF 1736
WLF 1739
WLF 1754
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