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The hottest field in history didn't disappoint in London

Organisers for the London Marathon seem to do it every year - assembling the deepest fields and producing some of the hottest racing of the majors. It's a flat, fast course, and there's a genuine prospect of records falling each year.

The hype was even bigger this year thanks mostly to the return of Mo Farah - the british media certainly weren't about to let marathon pedigree or experience get in the way of a good story; questions to Mo on whether he could win dominated any and every press opportunity.

Not even the provisional suspension of Abraham Kiptum could dampen the pre-race buzz, and for what felt like the first time in years, the hype surrounding the women's race matched the men's.


By the time the fields came over London's iconic Tower Bridge, neither race was going according to the script.

On the women's side, Australian Sinead Diver was a shock solo leader, while Eliud Kipchoge was patiently sitting behind the pace leaders.

WLF 2777
WLF 2791
WLF 2805
WLF 2812-2
WLF 2817
WLF 2827
WLF 2851
WLF 2861
WLF 2894
WLF 2906
WLF 2944
WLF 2956

Things got heated shortly after in the women's race, as Brigid Kosgei dropped the hammer around 25km and only Cheruiyot and Dereje could go with her. By 35km it was all over, Kosgei in complete control and Cheruiyot all on her own in 2nd, unable to defend her title.

WLF 2988
WLF 2992
WLF 3013
WLF 3016
WLF 3031
WLF 3057
WLF 3064-2
WLF 3084
WLF 3090

On the men's side, Mo Farah was dropped from the lead group shortly after Tower Bridge, as Kipchoge started to turn the screws. With 7km to go, only 3 men were able to stick with Kipchoge's pace.

WLF 3100
WLF 3110
WLF 3116
TMP 1827
WLF 3119
WLF 3138
WLF 3183-2
WLF 3197
WLF 3194
WLF 3204
WLF 3227
WLF 3239

Ultimately it was Kosgei victorious in 2:18:20, ahead of Cheruiyot and Dereje.

On the men's side, Eliud Kipchoge ran the second fastest marathon ever, an astonishing 2:02:37. Mosinet Geremew also dipped under 2:03, with Male Wasihun rounding out the podium. Mo Farah finished 5th.

tempo londonzh 005
tempo londonzh 010
tempo londonzh 012
tempo londonzh 017
tempo londonzh 033
tempo londonzh 038
tempo londonzh 061
tempo londonzh 076
tempo londonzh 084
tempo londonzh 089
tempo londonzh 093
tempo londonzh 098
tempo londonzh 102
tempo londonzh 112

Of course, it's not just about the elites in London. We tracked back to Mile 21 to check in on the Run Dem Crew Cheer Zone for a deafening good time.

TMP 1987
TMP 1990
TMP 2007
TMP 2039
TMP 2042
TMP 2062
TMP 2118
TMP 2137
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