Gallery: The 2021 Australian Track and Field Championships

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Bringing you selected coverage of the track action

The 2021 Track and Field National Championships have been circled on the calendar from the moment they were announced, especially with the cancellation of the 2020 edition.

It's the one meet of the year where every athlete is trying to peak - there's no foxing or waiting until later in the season - this is the weekend where it all needs to come together if you wish to be boarding a flight in July. Of course, there are other pathways to Tokyo but in an uncertain world a bird is best off in your hand...or something.

Anyway, here are our favourite images from four wild days in Sydney.

Thursday April 15

While today doesn't hold any finals, it does give us a glimpse at some of the brightest stars.

The 400m heats are headlined by Bendere Oboya and Steve Solomon, while the men's 800m promises to be a mouthwatering final later in the weekend. Peter Bol, young gun Jack Lunn, hometown boy Lachie Raper, and Commonwealth Games medallist and Rio Olympian Luke Mathews will all be worth keeping an eye on.

We also have heats of the women's 1500m - can anyone catch Linden Hall? Jenny Blundell would like to think so.

TMP 9036
TMP 9039
TMP 9184
TMP 9236
TMP 9152
TMP 9256
TMP 9271
TMP 9374
TMP 9359
WLF 4541


Our first look at some of the sprint stars today with heats of the 100m - all eyes are on Rohan Browning and Hana Basic given what they have already done this domestic season.

We also get our first glimpse at Catriona Bisset - the National Champ from 2019, Bisset has broken the national record in the 800m since she last had the opportunity to race for a national title.

The men's 1500m heats are promising to be mouth watering - Stewy McSweyn, Matt Ramsden, and Jye Edwards all wanting to make this their own.

TMP 9790
TMP 9851
TMP 9843
TMP 9875
TMP 0007
WLF 4605
TMP 0078
TMP 0119
TMP 0134


The first finals for the open competitors, with the men's 800m and women's 1500m two standouts, as well as of course the 100m finals as the last events of the evening.

The 800m featured Peter Bol as a hot favourite, with young Victorian Jack Lunn an outside chance. While in the 1500m, it was Linden Hall's race to lose.

TMP 0921
TMP 0929
TMP 0972
TMP 0984
TMP 1018
TMP 1137
TMP 1163
TMP 1192


A huge day - the steeplechase finals, Liz Clay in the hurdles, the women's 800m, and the men's 1500m final. Sydney once again turned on spectacular sunny skies for the final day of the open competition.

TMP 1485
TMP 1314
TMP 1530
TMP 1336
WLF 4715
TMP 1346
TMP 1365
WLF 4763
TMP 1423
WLF 4775
TMP 1439
TMP 1554
TMP 1564
WLF 4793
TMP 1581
TMP 1597
WLF 4831
WLF 4836
TMP 1624
TMP 1637
TMP 1655
TMP 1667
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