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Los Angeles, London, Paris, Vienna. Four cities over the last six weeks, giving us tangible examples of how to make the sport more energizing and exciting, giving us hope for what the future might hold.

Track Nights Vienna had the all-star lineup: amazing races and fast times coupled with live music, BMX biking and breakdancing to bring the energy. And again the formula of creating an engaging, exciting experience to rally the local community was on display. It works – get the community there, have them experience a world-class meet, convert them into fans of the sport (or deepen their love for the sport if they were already a fan). It ain’t easy, but it’s possible.

Relive the night below, and check out Sound Running, the Night of the 10,000m PBs, FAST5000 and Track Nights Vienna for inspiration on how the sport can be displayed.

230623 - 01P
230623 - 02P
230623 - 03P
230623 - 04P
230623 - 05P
230623 - 06P
230623 - 07P
230623 - 08L
230623 - 09P
230623 - 10P
230623 - 11P
230623 - 12P
230623 - 13P
230623 - 14P
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