Road to Records

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Heroes of Herzogenaurach

Now in its fourth year, the adidas Road to Records event is more than just a gathering of athletes – it's a symphony of speed, innovation and pure competition, all set against the backdrop of the adidas World of Sports campus in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Here, athletes converge to push the boundaries of human potential, propelled by the cutting-edge technology of adidas' Adizero shoes.

With each passing year, the event cements its status as a crucible for greatness, a stage where world records are reliably broken. In the inaugural 2021 event, Senbere Teferi and the late Agnes Tirop left their indelible marks on the women's 5km and 10km events, igniting a blaze of inspiration that would only grow brighter in the years to come. In 2022, Kenyan champions Peres Jepchirchir and Kibiwott Kandie took up the mantle, setting records in the women's-only half marathon and men's half marathon while furthering the reputation of the advanced Adizero shoes they ran in.

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Fast forward to 2024, where the echoes of past triumphs reverberated through the air as Emmanuel Wanyonyi etched his name in the annals of greatness by breaking the world road mile record. Emerging talents like Medina Eisa and Senayet Getachew were not to be outdone, setting new under-20 records in the 5K and 10K events.

The achievements of these champions and all the other stars who participated this year, embody the event's ethos – an unyielding pursuit of excellence, fueled by innovation and a relentless hunger for success. And as each record falls, as every limit is pushed, the adidas Road to Records solidifies its place as a formidable proving ground for champions, where dreams are realised and legacies are born.

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