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Rain, wind, and 20,000 Melbournians

Winter in Melbourne can be downright inhospitable. Granted, we don’t get snow and the temperature rarely gets into the low single digits, but as much as we see harsh winds and biting cold snaps every winter, we don’t have a cold-weather culture. It’s almost as if those long summer days in February and March erase any memory of the preceding winter.

Still, every year in July we lace them up for Run Melbourne. It’s by no means a fast race, the many twists, turns, and undulations ensuring it’s a course for the racers, while the elements eliminate anyone that’s not as tough as nails.

The race starts on Flinders Street at 7am (why it needs to start in the dark is one of the great mysteries of our time), which presents puzzled looks from those finishing up a wild night out on nearby King Street (and probably equally puzzled looks from the runners looking back at the partygoers!).

Still, when the gun goes at 7am the smells of early morning kebabs and regret must be cast aside, for there is a race to win.

WLF 4676
WLF 4695
WLF 4699
WLF 4701-2
WLF 4735
WLF 4728
WLF 4737
WLF 4741

From the start line, it's an action packed opening with several turns and a climb up Collins Street, before the first straights of the race around Docklands.

By the time the leaders reached the 5k mark at Webb Bridge, the pack had well and truly been established.

SJR 8531
SJR 8532
SJR 8535
SJR 8540
SJR 8546-2
SJR 8548

By the time the leaders came around the top of The Tan and down Anderson Street, 2016 winner Brady Threlfall had established the lead, joined only by Dane Verwey (Dane had a slower start, coming through the 5k at Webb Bridge off the back of the lead 3).

Close behind them were Dave Ridley and Max Ueda.

SJR 8560
SJR 8574
SJR 8578
SJR 8591
SJR 8601

Approaching the U-Turn at 16k, those at the front of the race had a chance to gauge how large (or small) their lead was, and just for a moment we were treated to the most iconic of duo's, rain and piercing sunlight.

WLF 4785
WLF 4787
WLF 4792
WLF 4799
WLF 4804-2
WLF 4802-2
WLF 4803-2
WLF 4834
WLF 4811-2
WLF 4813-2
WLF 4878-2

In the women's event, Hannah Oldroyd was running solo for the majority of the race. Oldroyd clocked a 1:22 flat to take a commanding win.

WLF 4883
SJR 8619-2
SJR 8710
SJR 8722
SJR 8728
WLF 4929-2

After a race of all conditions, and a fierce battle with Dane Verwey, it was 2016 winner Brady Threlfall who again came down the finishing chute first, winning in a time of 1:08:37.

WLF 4891
WLF 4904
WLF 4940
WLF 4948-2
WLF 4955-2

Hannah Oldroyd would go on to win by nearly 4 minutes in the women's race, taking the win from Elly Jackson.

WLF 4969-2
WLF 4977-2
WLF 4987-2
WLF 4997
WLF 5008
WLF 5011
WLF 5045-3
WLF 5014
WLF 5070-2
SJR 8745
SJR 8746-2
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