Running Things with Camille Buscomb

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We catch up with New Zealand's finest

We head across the ditch this week to speak with New Zealand's 11-time national champion, Camille Buscomb. Camille has been back home in New Zealand since March, when she returned for a family wedding – at the time not knowing the world's borders would close and competitions everywhere would be cancelled. Camille has enjoyed relative freedom of movement when compared to some parts of Australia, and in the past month has raced a number of times on the roads – running a PB at the Auckland Half Marathon earlier this month.

We check in on 2020 with Camille and hear what it has been like training in New Zealand through the pandemic. We also talk a bit about the Doha World Championships – a meet where it all came together for Camille as she ran 2 PR's in the 5,000m and another one in the 10,000m. Camille talks about the approach that helped her perform so well in Doha and it contains valuable lessons for runners of all abilities.

Finally, we get some insight into what summer holds for Camille – starting with a 5000m race in late December and then heading into the early part of 2021.

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