Running Things with Donavan Brazier

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The 800m World Champ

Riley is joined this week by the 800m World Champ Donavan Brazier, checking in from Portland, Oregon. Donavan is on off-season, fresh back from a Euro trip to Monaco and Stockholm. Donavan speaks about his approach to racing - his coach Pete Julian preaches tactics and being able to win races from any position - something we've seen from Donavan over the last 18 months especially. Donavan talks about the growing pressure from athletics fans to challenge David Rudisha's famous world record. On a recent trip to Stockholm, Donavan used his downtime to fish in the city's rivers - something he loves to do whenever he gets the chance locally or abroad.

Finally, we ask Donavan a few questions from the audience - thanks to Kyle, Rylie, Moe, and Abdi for the questions!

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