Running Things with Jaryd Clifford

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The World Champ talks about his big plans for 2021

Riley is joined on the show today by Paralympic star Jaryd Clifford. Jaryd competes in the T12 (vision impaired) classification in the 1500m and 5000m - where he is the world champion in both (oh, and he holds the world record in the 1500m). Jaryd chats with us from Canberra, where he relocated as lockdowns came into effect in Melbourne in July. In Canberra Jaryd has the opportunity to train with his coach, Dr Philo Saunders, and his squad - including his guide Tim Logan. The athlete-guide relationship is critically important to Jaryd, and he speaks at length about the elements that have to go right for the partnership to work - in a race the athlete and guide are connected by a 30cm long tether - which is a lot shorter than it sounds! Jaryd also talks about his plans for 2021 and beyond - including a potential 1500m, 5000m, and marathon triple in the 2024 games. Mind blowing. If you want to learn more about Jaryd, make sure you hit the links below!

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Jaryd Clifford Instagram Jaryd Clifford article on TEMPO Jaryd Clifford 1500m World Champs win Jaryd Clifford 5000m World Champs win

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